🔥 2024 Survey: What types of home heating do you usually use?

What types of home heating do you usually use? We’d like to find out more about your approach to home heating including any concerns for some upcoming CHOICE articles.

Please add your thoughts to our short survey: Heating your home in 2024


Q2 is supposed to allow multiple selections but does not.
Q9 does not allow for 6 person households.

These questionnaires require more testing before being released, I have rarely done one that was free of obvious faults. If you want surveys to mean anything they have to be well constructed so that choices are logical and easy to make. Fixing after release is poor practice as it means some respondents get a different survey and their results are not comparable.


A timely survey - please note Q2 only permitted one selected response. It suggests one is free provide more than one selection.

Would further benefit come from knowing what heating temperatures we choose as comfortable for our environment and home. A more subjective question might ask if we think our home is suitable - well designed for the environment and location collated to the age of the home. Is knowing the relative percentage of respondents whose circumstances are constrained because of building design and age relatable to the choices we making with home heating?

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Thanks Syncretic. I’ve updated Q2 to allow multiple selections. Q9 has an option for “I live with more than five other people” which covers a six person household.

Apologies for the problem with Q2.

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Thanks Mark. I’ve updated Q2. Those are good suggestions too regarding other questions. It’s always difficult to strike the right balance between a comprehensive survey and keeping it at a manageable length.


But the option before that only covers up to 4 other people and then the response switches to more than 5 other people, there is no option for 5 people. The answer choice as it stands is for a 7 or more person household (e.g., the respondent plus 6). Perhaps it should read as 5 or more other people if you don’t want to provide for an answer that only includes 5 other people or change the answer to A household with more than 5 people (this would include the respondent as part of the count).

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Got you. That’s been amended now.


The previous option was up to four plus self, the next option is more than five plus self, there is no option for five plus self, ie six.