2022 Festive Season Online Shopping - It is a season to be jolly and not one to be scammed

As it is the season when many purchase gifts for love ones, friends and colleagues…it is also the season that scammers prey on victims.

When searching online for that special gift, it is likely that you will come across scam shopping websites, only there to rip you off and take your hard earnt cash.

This thread has been started to allow members to post scam website they come across while online shopping. It has also been established to hopefully prevent others from being scammed if they chose to do search for a particular website to see determine its authenticity.

Unfortunately, scammers use burn domain names which last only a few weeks, until the domain is black flagged resulting them creating a new one and the process repeats.

When determining is a website is a scam, consider:

  1. doing a search on a domain name using websites like:
    or your favourite search engine

  2. using Google Maps to see if the address of the business stacks up:
    Google Maps

  3. undertaking internet search engines to search for phone numbers, other business names or other details that may be presented on the scam website to make it look more legitimate.

Post below any you may find and as they say ‘if a price or offer appears to good to be true, it likely is’.

If you are unsure, post the website URL and I am sure other members will do some investigating on your behalf.


I’ll start with one:

This isn’t a good start, a very recent domain which has already made it onto:

No surprises, the website has been established to offer Christmas Specials…

There is a company name on theit website ‘FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED’, when searching, there have been other scam websites with the same business name and address, like this one.

Pricing on the website also looks ‘unreal’. Other sellers offering the same products for substantially more (an example being the V8 model engine for $69, a number of other genuine sellers in the $1699-1799 price range). $1699-1799 appears to recommended retail price of the manufacturer.

This website is a definite online shopping scam…one to avoid and not have any dealing with.