2017 Wireless Routers consumer ratings / Canstar Blue

Good selection of wireless routers reviewed here from the big boys , Netgear , D-Link etc . Worth a look . Enjoy :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


Interesting article - missed my favourite router hardware, ASUS - a great Tomato/DDWRT platform with something like a Netgear DGND3700 (v1 only) to do the VDSL. Funny re Apple:

It’s not cheap – around $300 – but evidently those surveyed didn’t care.

Their methodology link is broken but from the front page the FAQ link seems to lead to the right section. It’s an interesting read … funding was interesting, I couldn’t help but noticing:

Lead commissions: On our ratings results tables, and also on some advertising, we may provide links to third party sites. The primary purpose of these links is to help consumers continue their shopping journey from the ‘research’ phase to the ‘purchasing’ phase. If customers purchase something after clicking a certain link, we may be paid a commission by the affiliate company. Our ratings results, and the manner in which we sort data in our product comparison tables, are not influenced by commercial arrangements.

I need to disclose my diagnosis at an early age of terminal cynicism :wink:

Also mentioned on the FAQ is that they need 30 responses to list a brand in their results, yet ASUS for example is represented in their “Is Your Router Ready for the NBN?” article and Apple are not. Seemed a little strange - would have thought they could get a little further to get the required responses, though maybe ASUS isn’t as popular as I’d imagined in the mainstream “I’m not going to run custom code” market.

In fairness, if they are true to word in terms of their independence/influence, seems like a reasonable consumer article.