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12 Volt Smart TV for Caravans and RVs

We are looking to purchase a 24’’ or 28’’ 240/12 Volt Smart TV for our caravan. There does not appear to be many on the market and was looking for advice from the community if anybody has bought one and if you have had any problems with them.


An alternative is a TV tuner dongle, so that you can watch TV on your computer monitor, avoiding the need for a separate, hard to come by, 12V appliance. If you want a size larger than your computer screen, a separate monitor would need to be purchased.


We were looking for a small TV 32” and also found the market very limited. We found the only options for smaller were the cheapies at Target, BigW etc.


It may be worthwhile sticking to a well known brand and retailer. It’s not evident if the LG model has a separate 12v DC input or power brick.


Why not consider a 12V DC to 240V AC inverter with a capacity to handle the expected load. Then you can run other 240V AC stuff, not just the TV.