10/10 for Sunbeam Repairability and Customer Service

Our Sunbeam espresso machine started making an ominous hissing sound when making coffee a few weeks ago. A hose had split and was leaking.

The first pleasant surprise was I was easily able to get the top plate off and see most of the workings. Initial reaction was of quality. I was impressed to see all the water lines used brass compression fittings so really easy to repair.

I was unable to find a retail supplier of a replacement hose. I contacted Sunbeam customer care as a bit of a ‘hail mary’. Their response exceeded expectations. The confirmed they did not sell replacement hoses but said they would ship a replacement free of charge. I did not expect that!

Hose has been received and machine is working flawlessly again.

Really pleased that I was able to repair this expensive machine and avoid another appliance prematurely adding to landfill for a small but irreparable fault. It’s clear Sunbeam had repairs in mind when this machine was designed. Top marks.

In terms of customer service I can’t image you could ask for much more!


Great to hear Sunbeam came through for you @Sar6e. It would be great if all manufacturers considered repairability as such an important factor for consumers!


That is good to know. I am looking for a coffee machine and Sunbeam has moved to the top of the list.


@Sar6e what model machine was that? That sounds ideal, but unfortunately not my experience. I have a Sunbeam Cafe Crema II that has started leaking, and I cannot open it up because it requires a specialised screwdriver with a very long narrow shank.


I have also had excellent service from Sunbeam with coffee machine issues. Mine was leaking at the head seal. I rang and even though out of warranty they sent me a new seal free of charge. Their customer service is brilliant.


Ours is the EM7000. All the screw were easy to access. Only needed to unscrew 5 at the back under the fill lid and 2 under the group head area. Then the whole top plate slid forward.