What are your latest examples of shrinkflation?

Land area is going down (and that’s usually where most of the value is).

It is unclear whether deception is a necessary element of “shrinkflation”. In my view there is deception on the part of government. On the part of the vendor, it is just the usual “do it quietly, don’t tell you, and hope you don’t notice”, which is not much different from any other goods that might be discussed in this topic.

Any data on that?

From the OP

Shrinkflation refers to when an item gets smaller, but stays the same price or even gets more expensive.

As vendors never advertise the shrinkage as they would with an increase of product (“Get an extra 100 grams free!”) there is an element of concealment. It is true you can look at the unit price to see what you are getting but from the responses here people clearly see that requiring that check as deceitful.

If you want to talk about the reasons for housing prices going up why not start a thread?