Web tracking investigation site

Hi @grahamn,

Thanks for your questions about the CHOICE website.

Our site is managed in house, not outsourced, although our editorial and digital operations teams are distinct.

I realise that online privacy is an important issue, including for many users of this forum. That’s why we have this detailed privacy policy on our site to explain what types of data we collect and why. For example, like most sites, we use tools like website analytics that will show us non-identifiable data like traffic to our site, what articles are popular and so on.

There’s no recording of key logging in the way it’s being discussed here. Using the previous example, if you accidently copy and paste something into our site, this would not result in this information being stored and potentially used later for nefarious purposes. We do have a search function on our website, which I think in the past has copped some criticism for its functionality. I would need to check the finer points with our developers but they may look at some form of searches performed on our site to improve the functionality, but once again this would be deidentified or handled with appropriate care in the event someone had accidently searched their own personal info, much like other sensitive information we occasionally collect, such as payment information when people sign up for a membership.

It’s good to be aware and active regarding our online privacy, hopefully you’ll find many useful threads like this one that help. I would also encourage a careful approach when dealing with online privacy tools, some are good but others will use fear as a sales tool or (ironically) as a way to extract info. We have reviewed some of these on the choice.com.au site as well. If you don’t find what you need, please a start or thread or get back to me if you have further questions.