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Tyre emergency flat fix/inflators


There are other opinions/issues with them and this from CarAdvice

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TheBBG thank you so much for providing all of the information! Wow! Amazing tyres, and much better than I had previously thought. Thanks again, that was great and very enlightening :smile:


Can of goo is no use if you nick the side wall of the tyre.
Happened to me couple weeks ago in Gladstone QLD. Waited 1 1/2 days for a tyre to be delivered to suit Mustang. No spare just can of goo plus inflator kit.
Found bloke in Melbourne who sells spare wheel kits to suit Mustang GT - $800 but better than sitting around trying to find tyres


I have used cans of air a few times and found them to be a useful way out of trouble. Once in 4wd in very rough country we went through the three spares and had to resort to using the canned air which kept the tyre inflated for over 150kms of dirt roads. I had a good result with flat on the motorcycle and it was so good that I almost forgot to get the rear tyre repaired when I returned. I helped a woman with a flat on her trailer, and as our jacks could not get under the trailer, I just pumped the tyre and found it inflated the tyre despite the trailer carrying a load a sand.

The cans I used were self sealing as plugs were not needed. I had no issues when getting my tyres repaired.


I have one of the last built Commodore SV6’s with standard spec wheels and tyres. Not ultra low but 18" so getting there. It luckily comes with a full size spare.
Since owning the car 3-4 months I have had 2 flats. Both at city speeds which doesn’t present as a driving issue at those speeds until the tyre is shot. A pressure can MIGHT have got me out of trouble but one had a tear in the side so doubtful.
I have now bought tyre pressure sensors for both this and the other car we have.