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Tomato Sauce : What brand/s do you buy?

Masterfoods claim 4g per “serve” … its working ok for me, my BGL doesnt jump when I use it


Heheh depends on the serve :slight_smile: If you have a serve size of say 15g then 4g (around 26%) of that is sugar. If that was a sugar added sauce (these have around 45g per 100g) for the same 15g then it would be around 6.75g of sugar, not a huge increase in sugar per usage but a huge increase in %. Put it on thicker the sugar amount starts to really jump up so a less sugar content sauce would let you get more on for the same sugar content and enjoy the tomato flavour.


I am slightly worried that nobody but me seemed to vote for Fountain. I wouldn’t want it to be discontinued!


For those interested, here’s what our three expert judges (doing a blind taste test) thought about the 22 nationally available commercial sauces we purchased from supermarkets :slight_smile:


But not this particular batch.

Perhaps it was just a tad suspicious that products that retail for $5.50 at Coles and Woollies were being airfreighted to Australia.

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Choice has revealed the results of their tomato sauce reviews.


Making my own this year if tomatoes will be at a reasonable price.

Made capsicum sauce last year and already eat 3 jars. Only 3 jars left and over a year shelf life.


Use Beerenberg. Though our Kingaroy IGA has stopped stocking it. Hope with their expansion it will be back on the shelves. It is Australian made from 99% Aussie ingredients. Keep it in the pantry.


We prefer Three Threes (333). This is an Australian owned brand, using Australian grown tomatoes.
I also have some “Ozesauce”, which is Australian too,

A lot of other brands do not use Australian produce, which is a deal breaker for me.


Great news. Woollies have 2 litre Fountain tomato sauce on special again for half price as of tomorrow.

And if you get sick of eating it, you can swim in it instead.