The Nokia 3310 is set to return, and other electronics nostalgia

But one slight problem for Australia, Nokia has confirmed that the phones will only run on the old 2G GSM network … for calling and texting. As 2G is being phased out here, its use will be very limited.

A shame as it would have been good to get one to use rather than now just as a ornament.

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Ah, what a shame! Thanks for the link.

Old and abandoned thread that the site brought to my attention. It stopped with some information that has been superseded.

The new 3310 is 3G and readily available.

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Excellent, thanks for the update. Now that you mention it, I believe I’ve seen one down in the CHOICE labs ready for some upcoming reviews…

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@BrendanMays is correct. I’ve just finished testing the new 3310, along with 11 other simple phones. We’ll link the article when it goes up on the website.