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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



Being a “gluten” for punishment, I set about the latest update … on two machines … (doesn’t it give you the … sorry for the bad bread joke, no I’m not but close to those who are …)


Gave it a reasonable hammering. On the 25 meg plan its no big deal. I imagine on some bird its not as much fun …


Windows updates? :thinking: The NBN will fix it!
“Robert reportedly told Fairfax Media he used “around” 300 gigabytes of data in May and the bill was a result of exceeding his data limit of 50GB and having to pay per gigabyte after that.”


… another couple of attempts at getting the download for an older laptop :slight_smile:



How many horse power did that require?


OT but it occurs everyone might not know about the catalogue

search on eg ‘windows 10’ and then click the ‘last updated’ column header to get the recent ones up top and making them easier to find, and select the patch you want. The downloads are offline updaters so one can avoid repetitious download after download buring up quotas and wasting time.


I didn’t know about it. Great hint thank you.

997 updates since 2011. That’s 16.7 per week. Unfortunately, I have encountered a few of those .7 updates :frowning:


There is another tool others may find useful in getting windows updates downloaded. It is called “WSUS Offline Update” and can be found at

I use it as a tool to put updates on non connected computers, but it works just as well on connected ones. Homepage for the project is:

There are two main sections to the tool. one is to download the updates and store them and the other is to install the updates.


The ISO to do a full reinstall of Windows 10 is a bit over 4 gig, if you are rebuilding a domestic machine and need a few other drivers and apps you might get to 5-6 gig. Even on a limited plan that’s about 10%. There can be problems though, as others have noted, if downloads fail in some respect and are repeated. Yes there are solutions to this but they are not suitable for everybody.

My view is that Microsoft give priority to updates in a way that conceals and ignores the cost in downloads so many will not be aware that there is a problem much less know how to deal with it. We have not yet got anywhere near auto-everything software nirvana.

If the Poli using 300 gig a month on a pricey connection wasn’t streaming video for personal use I’ll give a pig to the church.

“Our aim is to make computers as easy to use as washing machines” - attributed to Bill Gates. People imagined he meant computers would be made simpler, actually it was achieved by making washing machines more complex.


I found many people do not know about setting certain networks to metered connections.

Some apps might work differently on a metered connection to help reduce your data usage. Also, some updates for Windows won’t be installed automatically.


Unless Microsoft screws up:



What’s this “unless” business - it’s always a matter of how they’ll screw up this time, not if, with Microsoft … :wink:


Telstra cut off my internet and landline without informing me in their efforts to get me onto the NBN - it was out of action for nearly one week. It is typical poor customer service from Telstra ( and the NBN organisation is no better). Do they realise the implications of this action ( people unable to access emergency services on their landline, businesses losing money because of no internet etc.). I understand that some disruptions have to occur as we all transfer to the NBN - but just cutting off services without giving customers a chance to prepare and plan is totally unacceptable. Telstra was as usual hopeless - managers did not call back as promised, calls were terminated. messages were given that the waiting time would be long and that customers should troubleshoot online ( useless if you have no internet) - actually what happened was that a Telstra staffmember answered the call in two seconds and the promise of a survey coming up at the end of the call to assess service did not occur.


Sorry to hear about your experience @Joe1.

Get in contact with Telstra’s Complaints area. That bypasses all the low script followers. They will get back to you, and are authorised to do things.

If you have internet on your phone, have a look at:, and use the online complaint form:

If you want to phone ring t:13 22 00

Remember to have all your facts ready at hand, and just stick to the facts.

Hope that helps.



Assumptions should not be made that it is okay to cut off one source re the internet or landline phone and that consumers have other sources available ( e.g. a mobile phone).

They just cut access to my internet and landline - this is a breach of contract and could cause cases of negligence ( what about if someone is dying , is alone and cannot use their landline because it was cut off by Telstra who did it so they can achieve their own projects?). I was left without services for nearly a week. I only got the services back because I spent hours on the phone - otherwise they do not care you are paying for services you are not actually receiving. I get the impression they deal with numbers not people.

Telstra is a disgrace. The NBN people are also very sneaky and do not seem to care.


I am not sure of the timeframe involved as to how long the NBN had been available in your area nor if your previous contract contained any terms about the NBN changeover. That said they should have advised of the changeover and cutoff before commencement and I fully support @meltam6554 's suggestion re the complaint. I also recommend you further raise the issue with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) and possibly the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

Back to the two issues I raised:

NBN Changeover timeframe

This is typically 18 months after the NBN became active in an area the old lines are deactivated by NBN. This is not Telstra and is mandated in the NBN protocols. This means no telephone or ADSL internet after that cutoff date.

Telstra Contract terms

Some (perhaps many) Telstra customers with plans up to about 6 or so years old have terms that allow Telstra to change your connection from the old system to the NBN without further approval from you. They put it in terms of giving you the customer a better experience.

In all of this taking into account the week of delay getting you reconnected I am more inclined to think that it may have been the NBN timeframe that has caused the issue and not Telstra but I do agree the service they can give to customers can be poor and this has been reflected in TIO measurements of complaints.


Also, I forgot to mention: Ask for compensation for the disconnection. They should take some $ off your next bill.


Yes I have asked the Ombudsman to look into this and will be asking for compensation. NBN told me they would get back to me about a certain issue before they started the disconnection - they did not . NBN do not care - we are numbers not people.


If it was the NBN who disconnected you Telstra may have been blameless for your disconnection and the complaint about that should be about NBN Co not Telstra. The Telstra complaint should then be about their customer service or perhaps more correctly their lack of it.

Many people still think it is Telstra who run the NBN but it is the NBN Co, and they are a completely separate entity from Telstra.

Just to reiterate the 18 month deadline is fixed in legislative terms and regardless of any issues you raise about service with the NBN Co they will disconnect after that period. They certainly do only count numbers it seems but the pending cutoff dates for each affected area are listed (once the disconnection has occurred you will not see the date) and users need to take action to changeover before that date approaches for their area or there can be very significant delays in getting a new service on the NBN established (there can still be delays even if started before cutoff dates).


That apparently have much in common regarding customer services.

Funny that. ‘My area’ is formally open for NBN next week but I remain in limbo with no NBN to my home, that having been set back multiple times already and now supposedly scheduled for Dec. I could imagine the local 18 months could tick over without ever having that connection completed and my ADSL quietly disconnected because I did not change over.

Impossible? Improbable? Maybe or maybe not. :expressionless:


I don’t think so. They are in it together. Telstra can call NBN and work with them and vice versa, Do not have faith in either organisation - they both have a good history of hurting customers. That you may be dying trying to call an ambulance on your disconnected landline is not a concern for them.