Tell us your experience with Health Care Insurance (HCI) health fund

One of the very few - odd business these changes the government made that seem to be optional?

Defence Health certainly haven’t come to the party yet … one wonders whether offspring who were forced onto their own policies will be welcome to rejoin their parents if and when the insurer decides to extend the maximum age …


HCI is always one of my Choice top returns from their comparator. Just received my annual notice of increase for 2024. My policy (Gold Hospital and Premier Extras) will increase by $0.00. :slight_smile:

IME they continue to offer excellent policy and claims service but have had difficulty with a related issue. They use a follow up survey service that checks on how ‘your surgery’ went shortly after and then months afterward. If one has 2 or more surgeries there is no way to tell which surgery each exactly similar survey applies to, and if there were differing experiences or outcomes it seems to be a tick the box exercise with no real purpose beyond them feeling good. Different hospitals, different surgeons, different surgeries, potentially differing post surgical outcomes and experiences. They kept focusing on it being a complaint that should be lodged with the hospital or surgeon, all who did very well. Their customer service staff could not grasp the problem is that the surveys never reference which surgery, and it should be added up front for correlation. Since they are the survey company customers it is up to HCI to get it tidied it up.

That being my worst comment on HCI they must be doing well, and in my case(s) they have been.

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