Supermarkets : which one/s do you shop at Poll

I use Aldi, IGA and Woolworths regularly, and occasionally Coles. I live in a small country town which has a Farmer’s market monthly and IGA.
For freshness and variety in the Dairy cabinet, I have found Aldi’s quality is similar to my local IGA, both are superior to Coles, and a bit below Woolworths. e.g. I prefer Aldi’s Colby Cheese over the other home brands. Milk-wise, we like to buy Kiewa Milk because it’s local and helps our farmers.
For freshness in the Fruit and Veggies area, I prefer to buy from Aldi (in the pre-packed box as it fits well into my fridge) or loose from elsewhere providing I look properly for over-ripe fruit & veg; use by or best before dates, if it’s prepackaged (and it would help to have a date of when packed).
Price per kg - many pre-packed veg like tomatoes are priced per half kg! Need a price/kg next to it. I’ve noticed this is a trend in all the stores.
Have been dissatisfied with the age/quality of free-range eggs sold in the supermarkets. By the time we buy them, the egg white is breaking down and becoming runny. I now buy them only from the Farmer’s Market or the local Butcher.
Wodonga has Arnold’s Fresh Food Market and the food there is separated between first quality and seconds. The first quality fruit & veg are superior to all the supermarkets mentioned above. The seconds will go off as you look at them.

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