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Sony smart TV Update fails


Apologies for that and I appreciate the info on the Good Guys model however the point I was trying to make was that each store operating under a particular brand, regardless of the type of merchandise it is selling, is run by individual managers who make their own decisions on how to deal with customer service issues. Perhaps using Good Guys as an example was not a good one but I think the general point was if you are not happy with one particular outlet, don’t blame the entire chain.:smiley:


Sorry to hear about your issues with Sony TV’s. Yes you are correct, pick your retailer carefully. Also as Choice has pointed out so many times extended warranties are just a rip off and totally unnecessary.


Just a postscript to my woes… Sony replaced the motherboard & power board but then the screen died. They then replaced this at no cost to me so all in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome…
Now I just have to make sure that all the apps work properly as they never have been reliable before…


Thanks for letting us know @wombats-hollow


Good outcome…but amazing that they did all this as I expect that a new replacement TV would have been a cheaper option for them in the end.


I would have thought so as well. Even the repairer said that the repair cost was higher than a new TV… Just wish I could watch a streamed movie on it in 1080p without having constant bandwidth problems… It’s the only thing in the house that has this problem.