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If you are an RACQ member (don’t know if it works in other States) you can get a 5% discount on Woolworths (and Coles) egift cards through the RACQ website. They are useable in supermarkets but only at some Woolworths petrol stations (ring the station and ask them if they take Woolworths egift cards (not the physical ones). The discount is in addition to any petrol voucher you may have (that is a big discount!).

Woolworths eVouchers

I buy my clothes and sometimes shoes at op shops. Good for the charity and good for me!


Consider the size container you buy for paint, adhesive and other substances with a limited shelf life. It isn’t a universal rule but such things are often much cheaper in larger tins. Buying paint in 500ml or 1l tins is usually very expensive compared to 4l or larger.

BUT If you do not use most of it within the shelf life (and remember to scrupulously clean the rim and lid and reseal) you may reopen the tin to find the contents useless. It pays to do you your sums correctly at the outset, and decide how much you need to keep for later and how much you can afford throw away or leave in the shed until it goes hard and then throw it away.

It may be ideologically unsound to some but it may save you quite a bit of money to buy 4l and have 1 left over rather than buy 3 x 1l .


Paints, etc are a special case. Modern water based acrylics are often quoted as having a shelf life of two years. Older oil based paints (mineral turpentine clean up) can last a life time almost if sealed properly.

So once opened I buy only as much as I intend to use now or in the next few months. Safe disposal of unused paint is a tip to a dump that accepts paint for recycling. Not all do and some may redirect you to a fee charging service.


In supermarkets and online, compare the unit prices (price per unit of measure) of all types and forms of food and grocery items not just for different size packs of branded products in constant measure packages, e.g. packages of breakfast cereals

Often there are large differences in unit price between products sold loose from bulk, and in random measure packages, and in constant measure packages, An example is salmon filets sold per kg at the deli, or in random weight packs in the chiller cabinets, or frozen in constant measure packs in the freezer cabinets.

And, use the unit prices to check that whether what is prominently advertised as as “special” is indeed the best buy.

Finally, compare the unit prices of substitute/alternative products, which we all did when banana prices were sky high.


With thanks to the Community, here is our article on money saving tips: