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Samsung TVs deceptive Q80T

Samsung QLED TVs deceptive naming scheme is misleading Australian consumers into thinking inferior local models are equal to those found in all other western markets (and western reviews) such as USA, Canada & UK, the Samsung Q80T is the worst offender as it lacks key features found in other markets such as “Ultra Viewing Angle” layer and uses a cheaper downgraded FALD (Fall array local dimming backlight), it has been described by many as a significant downgrade despite maintaining its premium price and market position.

Whilst Samsung Australia does not explicitly list the “Ultra wide angle” feature they do use a similar term “Wide viewing angle” to imply the same, FALD is advertised but its ambiguous nature and lack of detail makes the inferior hardware in local models indistinguishable, they continue to use the exact same model names, external design, software and much of the same marketing material making it near impossible for consumers to identify the discrepancy despite being significantly worse performing (and overpriced).

This is a clear attempted to mislead customers who are reliant on reviews sourced from US and UK media outlets as there is no real (non-commercial) TV review media in Australia. No other TV brand uses this naming practice, there are no attempts by Samsung or there representatives to verify specific local models are different (and inferior).

Samsung spends all their money on marketing, unfortunately maintaining one of the best brand images with their front and centre displays in all major TV retailers despite there TVs getting objectivally worse each year, reducing quality, lack of software improvements, removing more features and pushing unwanted expensive ‘features’ such as 8K.


Welcome to the forum. It seems like you have had one if not more bad experiences with Samsung TVs.

Relying on overseas reviews can lead to all sorts of confusion with naming and models designations.

Choice does do Australian TV Reviews. The most recent review was updated 10 December 2020. If you are a member, you will be able to see the results of their reviews.

I hope that after reading the Choice reviews you have more satisfying shopping experiences.