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Royal Commission into Aged Care


Perhaps it is a factor, but I’m not sure that is really what finally determines the euthanasia choice.


Overall, I am pretty disgusted with Morrison thinking that throwing millions of dollars into a Royal Commission (which will do no more than tell them what they already know because of the many investigations over the past 10 years) is going to do anything. Make no mistake, this is electioneering at its finest. Why not spend those millions in fixing whats wrong. Staffing shortages, Staff with inadequate training for the job (and NO 6 weeks at TAFE doesnt cut it), owners unwilling to spend the money to employ staff, or feed the elders appropriately. And thats just the basics. I’ve worked in aged care in both the public and private sector and it is rife with idiots who have no idea how to run the service. They just get dollar signs in their eyes, they cut corners in employing people and in caring (caring? they dont care. thats the problem!) oh I get so mad when I know, and anyone who has ever worked in aged care knows, and the government knows full well what needs to be done. its not rocket science, as the saying goes.



Perhaps you have answered your own question?

Rocket science is just some mathematical calculations.
Very similar to return on investment which is another set of mathematical calculations.

The needs of those in aged care are not able to be adequately expressed by simple maths. As you pointed out many of the solutions are already known.

It’s just that some only understand rocket science and accounting but failed humanities.


Blind Freddy and even the ACCC should be able to see what you have written, but. Here is an item about the carers side.

Does that correlate with your experiences?


Actually, no, but I do have a background in general, gerontology and psychiatric nursing, and 45 years experience. Of course the oldies get frustrated and cranky and angry about being incarcerated but most do not take it out on staff. Any nurse worth her salt would be experienced enough to be able to de-escalate these situations, when they occur.

Of course, those who don’t have the experience and knowhow would likely respond by yelling at the “abuser”, or trying to force the issue. Worst possible response. There needs to be time spent talking with them (not to them or at them) and making an effort to get to know them. My point, of course, is that in the aged care sector, many employees are not trained. Well, not adequately, anyway, and time is something most don’t have, even if they are experienced. Because the owners of the institutions care only about their bottom line, and not whats best for the clients/patients/elders and staff.


It was, as I said, just a saying. That means dont take it literally.


Apologies, I could not resist the play on the idea to demonstrate why a government full of politicians with past lives as accountants, lawyers, and marketing gurus had little chance of ever relating to those in aged care.

P.s. my mother was also a very experienced and qualified nurse with general and physc. She complained about many things at work but rarely any of the patients.


Yet another article about the aged care fiasco.