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RF Radiation and cancer - smart meters, mobile phones and WiFI


The anti smart meter movement is quite remarkable. There are lobby groups with dedicated web sites etc as structured and prevalent as anti-vaccsers.

We have spoken at length about how feelings trump facts (or should that be Trump?) and fears beat reasons and belonging to an in-group can reinforce and perpetuate fallacies, but how did the mindset against connected meters even get started?

The same people have been immersed in EM radiation from radio, TV, power lines and other common sources all their lives. They have installed wireless routers. Their phone is fixed to their ear. But a meter that chirps sometimes, metres away from them outside the house, is the work of the devil.

Have you seen dead or dying trees near towers or other EMF-emitters?

Yup it’s all about the trees.


aka communicated diseases. This type of disease has been spread far and wide by a small group of anti-wind turbine campaigners (who are associated with the fossil fuel industry), and it would also appear to be quite common amongst those suffering from “chemtrail” exposure, and the tin foil hat brigade in general.


It is highly possible that the emf generated by the solar panels and the current through the DC wires from the panels to the inverter, along with the inverter will expose one to greater levels of emf than a smart meter. I wish I still had a gaussmeter to test this hypotheses (but would also need to find a PV system and smart meter in the one residence).

Maybe emf from solar is not as bad as emf from smart meters? Even though the emf is the same. Maybe it is a little like the emissions generated by wind turbines, but for some reason can’t be measured by existing measuring equipment as it is not tuned/developed to measure such emissions…possibly couldn’t be a conspiracy could it.


phb wrote>> the emf generated by the solar panels

I think it is EMR, ie electro-magnetic radiation that concerns them, rather than emf, electro-magnetic force, used to spin motors etc. EMR from the house wiring and appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, dishwashers etc is going to be much much greater than any EMR from smart meters.

Fairly constant DC from PV panels is not likely to emit much EMR, it is switching DC in MPPT controllers or AC that emits most of it.
However, the levels are miniscule compared to mobile phones, wifi etc.

Infrasound from wind turbines can be measured very well, and is completely overwhelmed by infrasound from traffic, crashing waves at the beach, wind in forests, industry etc… no matter how many nutters complain of vibrating lips from turbines 100km away! I make a point of visiting wind farms when traveling, and have visited many from Qld to WA, and found the sound of the blades whooshing past at close range quite pleasant.
I’ve also operated my own wind turbines here for many years, and do not mind the sound at all, if it’s windy I can barely hear them over the sound of the wind in the trees. They’ve been located only about 50m from my bedroom, and have never interfered with my sleep, or made the sheep or horses next door grow a second head! :wink:


According to the experienced Energex sub-contractor who installed our smart meter, it only chirps briefly once every ten or fifteen minutes over the local mobile phone network. Not that much different to sending a TXT really.
The contractor showed me the install, and after failing to get a reliable data connection on the network using a very typical 3G style mobile data device antenna proceeded to install a much more impressive external aerial on the outside of the meter box. I even know what the link light on the meter is telling me now.

P.S. Having our meter box adjacent to our door bell and entry, I’m hopeful that the work of the devil may assist in discouraging unwanted visitors. :smirk:
So far the huntsman resident in the back of the board seems to be active as always, still only has eight legs, although the fact it has eight eyes might challenge the ill informed. :scream:


while the causes of their symptoms may not be what they believe it to be, that does not mean their suffering and symptoms are not real. It just means we have to continue looking for the real cause rather than stopping at the quick, easy, and wrong answer sold by glib charlatans.


six of one, half a dozen of the other.

EMR is often used as it contains the term radiation. Radiation is a ‘nasty’ word, unlike field.

Both terms can be interchangeable.

I recall a protest group claiming that wind turbines generate sound waves that are yet to measured and there are no devices known to be able to measure them. I must admit I apwas a little flabbergasted when I heard this comment as it gained tractiin through many who claimed they had health effects from wind turbines and when some acoustic research work presented facts on potential impacts of measured noise (both audible and infrasound).


EMP might fix their little red wagon :rofl:


Can’t see why they are happy with EMF… we all live inside a huge electro magnetic field just be being on Earth! Fortunately it largely protects us from the nastier Sun’s EM field and the even nastier stuff that comes from cosmic distances.


There are psychics who might be amenable to detecting these waves. If the stars align and your aura is clear. For a fee.


Whilst driving past our local cemetery a few weeks ago, I noticed a tall galvanised steel pole just outside the perimeter, similar to the ones that are used for traffic monitoring and CCTV cameras around the city.

My first thought was that surely we have not reached the level where we need CCTV monitoring of cemeteries, although there have been some incidents there in the last few years including a Townsville woman who was convicted of stealing an urn containing the ashes of a relative, a local man convicted of doing donuts in his vehicle which damaged the plaques of some graves in the children’s’ section, and grubs stealing artificial flowers.

A short time later, an UHF antenna appeared at the top of the pole and a mysterious box was installed around halfway up the pole, so when I saw a Council vehicle at the adjacent water pumping station, I stopped to inquire.

The installation is for smart water metres and is one of some 30 that the Council is rolling out across the city, after which they will be replacing all the existing water meters with smart metres.

It sounds like it may be an opportune time for the present meter readers to start seeking another career.

However, it appears there will be no concerns regarding RF radiation effects on the residents in the cemetery.


When I read about EMF/EMR conspiracy theorists, I always wonder if they are getting enough vitamin D