Reusable coffee capsules

Yes I would’ve thought that too, but the fact that the flow was perfect using the coffee samples supplied with the pods makes me think it could be more to do with grind and packing. I’ll experiment in the next few days and post an update.

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An award winning barista friend who roasts his own coffee recommended the ‘Sunbeam EM0440 A’ model. It’s a conical grinder with grind settings from 0-20, it does a great job. It dismantles easily for cleaning.

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We bought the Kmart grinder. Recommended by Choice, cheap and does a great job!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the newer Nespresso machines have a barcode reader to stop you using substitutes. I wish I could get some reusable (or at lease biodegradable) ones for my coffee loving family but I don’t think they’d work.


I cannot address that but they have long had bar coded capsules.

Some Nespresso machines are documented to only work with Vertuoline capsules. As for compatibles - Crema Joe is in Melbourne -

Disclaimer: I am not a pod machine user.


I use a pod and regular espresso machine.

The pod machine is convenient for one, and opportune for the drop in guests who might not need to stay for long. It’s encouraging others are trying reusable and that there are compostable options.

I’ve tried Aldi, Woolies and L’OR pod alternatives with varying degrees of dis-satisfaction.

The espresso machine is far superior, once mastered for beans and grind. I don’t do trees or hearts to finish off. A good excuse for the family barista to take over when he is visiting.


Hi @pineappleskip, I have just done the same thing and purchased Waycap stainless steel resuables for Dolce Gusto. I have looked through the coffee grinder reviews and can’t see a mention of K-mart. Could you tell me which one you mean please? Have you worked out what grind number works best? (Thanks for being my researcher :slight_smile: :grinning: )

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@Loghl are you referring to @threemonkeys comment about k-mart?. We didn’t buy a grinder, and use crema Joe’s espresso blends

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We use the KMart own brand (recommended by Choice) Great product. We use the setting of the dot in between the fine and medium. Does a good job for us.

Kmart sells two grinders:

The first one for $14 might be worth trying. If you buy this one or the other one, you are welcome to provide a personal review with your own experiences. This will be beneficial to other community member.

Also, Kmart have a good consumer guarantee policy…that being should the grinder not perform (not fit for purpose) or fail within a reasonable time.

That 14 dollar grinder says it is compliment safety wise. Not many products that are sold in this country are safety rated must be a abnormal item that has been tested. Seems a great buy and compact.

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Yes, I checked these out, thanks. I had to go back into Choice history to find the one that was Recommended, and it is no longer available.I’m goign t experiment with some pre-ground coffee and see how they go. :slight_smile:

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Any grinder that has whirring blades rotating at the bottom of the hopper is NOT suitable for use as a coffee grinder. It is a spice grinder. Whirring blades generate randomly sized grains as well as dust and depending on the coffee machine can clog it at worst, and at best will deliver a very imperfect and random output - and thus a random brew, pods or not.


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I have just read the Choice review on coffee pods and the comments below about refillable pods alarmed me. I have carried out further investigation on the Motipod refillable stainless Steel capsules that I purchased by using the contents of a Grinders Cafe Express capsule which we have been using for years and been happy with the results. When I started putting the contents of this capsule into the Motipod s/steel capsule it would not fit. So the Motipod capsule is too small. The contents of the Grinders is approx 19ml whereas the Motipod is around 14ml. Also the Motipod is identical to one that I got direct from China under the brand i Cafilas and which is sold at a much lower price. It appears to me that an Aussie is trying to capitalise on the China capsule without even checking that they work. for more information.