Reporting ethical considerations

I’ve written to Choice several times now on the need to include the impacts of the products and services reviewed on climate, the environment generally and animal wellbeing. In spite of being given some lukewarm assurances that these things are being considered, I see little evidence of this in recent reviews.

For example, in the article How to buy the comfiest pillow, the only comment on recyclability is this: “Latex is a renewable and biodegradable product…” There is no comment on the sustainability of other products, their production impacts on GHG emissions or pollutants, or the potential cruelty to animals (down, for example, from some Asian countries is gathered from live ducks in a very cruel way).

Some readers (inexplicably to me) may not give a fig for the climate or animal welfare, but many of us do, and surely Choice should take this into account in all their reviews.

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Ideally yes, in practice there are problems. There are questions of definition and of objective measurement. The topic was dealt with at some length in this topic.