Pestly Pest Control, Melbourne

So I rang the company and tried to negotiate a reduction in the bill, but with no joy. I asked if the operator was licensed and he said he was. I asked for his license number and he declined. I pointed out that I could not find the operator’s license number in a Vic Health search and he said it was the company that was licensed. I asked what chemical was used and he told me that these were questions that should have been asked before the work was done. I asked if the chemical was safe for fish and he said no. He then told me the spray was Cislin 25 (which is deltamethrin - a pyrethroid - man made version of pyrethrin). So endeth that particular chapter. Again, thank you for the input - I am still keen to hear from anyone who has had dealings with either Pestly Pest Control, Melbourne or CFS Clean & Fix it specialists.


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There are a lot of operators out there that seem to operate as local agents of bigger companies, and a Google search can lead you to very unexpected tradies.

The quote one may get is really just a booking for someone, in the area, who may be nowhere the cheapest or indeed good, to come out and look at the issue and then the extra charges are added. So a pox on them.

I have found three times that dealing with a wasp colony needs more than just one visit from a pest sprayer. You have to encourage them to bug off and find somewhere else to live.

So I do it myself. Get some spray and puff powder from the hardware store. And hit the nest with that, preferably at night when they have returned home and not buzzing around.

Full clothing head to foot. I bought a bushies net that fitted over my hat from a camping store for a few bucks. Keeps the flies from driving you nuts, but keeps the stingers off you too.

A week of that and the colony gets the hint and flies off somewhere else.

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Quick update - there are 3 more stories on ‘Word of Mouth’ site all along the same lines - additional and, seemingly, disproportionate amount of money charged well in excess of quote for perceived little value. Have lodged complaint with ACCC.


Hopefully it will better inform the ACCC. :crossed_fingers:

For those less familiar with the role of the ACCC it will accept consumer complaints, but usually does not act on individual complaints.

Problem with a product or service you bought | ACCC.

The responsibility for addressing/responding to individual consumer complaints in accordance with Australian Consumer Law and the legislative authority is with the state and territory governments. If Victoria one would need to raise a complaint with VCAT.


The appropriate place to start your complaint process is your state fair trading office not the ACCC. Going to the civil tribunal for esp. a commercial dispute often gets a first response of ‘have you been to fair trading and if not come back if that is not successful’.

In Victoria it is Consumer Affairs. Lots of info on their web site including process, procedure, and so on.


Thank you PhilT - yes I did look at Vic Consumer Affairs website but it was unclear to me which of the many options to use, so I have lodged a general enquiry with them.


Hi all . I would suggest everyone who had issues with them to report to department of Victoria . They are quite responsive. Knowing them if they are swindling money they wouldn’t be bothered paying for licences. At least department can file fines .

They are absolutely good at being con artists and they are under different shareholders . As I was scammed . When everyone is in a vulnerable situation which they feel comfortable taking advantage of people , there will be alot of cons. Hopefully if we report they will be stopped , may take time