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Personalised Number Plates - what a crock!


Victoria has some pretty stiff regulations on plates, including for bike carriers that obscure the plate from the mighty “safety camera”. You cannot make your own, you have to buy one from Vicroads. However I have seen a vehicle for months (and have reported it to no avail) with a non-reflective home made plate sporting an entire line of kanji in addition to the rego number and “Victoria”. The rego would be easily visible to a camera in daytime, maybe night with a flash or street lighting, so all must be good. s/cynical


Typical idea from a city centric driver. People that live in non urban areas would, AGAIN, be slugged with extra costs. We already pay more for our fuel due to transport costs, and have no access to public transport.


Your idea of increased Fuel Taxes would in fact impact you a great deal. I believe almost everything you buy has been transported from somewhere else and probably over great distances. From the farmer/miner/whatever industry to a storage facility then to a production facility and then to the market and then perhaps to another market and then to a shop where you then purchase the goods.

Bananas from Nth Qld that go to NSW, SE Qld, Vic, SA, WA, Tas and even sometimes back to Nth Qld after ripening is an example. Under your approach if you live in NSW, Vic, SA or WA you would be paying even more than you currently do due to the extreme fuel taxes that would have to be paid. Registration is set at rate that is a socially shared cost. Some benefit more, others less, but all benefit.

If you live in a city, most of them produce very little in the way of food basics eg wheat for flour, vegetables for consumption, meat, milk and so on. If fuel costs went up your prices would skyrocket, so be careful what you ask for.


Every now and then, I have seen motorists who obviously have a good sense of humour.

On one occasion, I saw a Great Wall ute where the owner had added a chrome plated letter Y at the end of the other letters on the rear, thus reading “GREAT WALLY”.

Just after the last high-performance Falcon Sprint sedans were sold last year, I saw one with a personalised number plate which read “XTINCT”.