PayPal Donation Options at Checkout

Yes, yes a rose by any other name …

I have searched and obviously cannot find a discussion on this point.
What is the feeling about the option on your PayPal ‘payment’ to donate to a charity?
Basically - is it any real donation to the charity. I am sure (ha!) I saw a posting ‘somewhere’ that it is costing the Charity more than your donation option is worth.
Please understand that I am a very new member and I apologise for possibly asking this in the wrong category.

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Hello @Bibi. There is a topic about this.


Sometimes one has to be a bit creative in what to search on, but topic now identified.

Thanks @Gregr , now merged.

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Probably best to ask the charity!

I have my doubts about that claim. Why would a charity agree to be involved in something that causes them to lose money on each donation?


Wherever you saw it, you might best avoid that as a source of information.

PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge your charity a fee for its services. However, some of its partners may charge fees on donations made through their platforms.

re donating during a checkout, per the linked page, Fees are charged only when you receive a donation. The rate for eligible Australian Charities is 1.1% + 30 cents. Conclusion, a donation under $0.31 could cost but does anyone do that?


One point which I don’t believe has been raised either in this thread or in the related thread which @Gregr has flagged is this. You donate $1 and get a nice warm feeling, but it’s a con. I’m sure the charity receives the money from PayPal, but they also receive your name and contact details. You’re then on their badgering list for evermore.
For me the penny dropped (no pun intended) when I started hearing from Oxfam, which isn’t on my list of receiving charities. I then remembered that some time previously I’d donated a token $1 to them at the payment checkout. Ever since then I’ve made sure that the box never gets ticked.
I don’t blame the charities for trying. It can’t be easy to obtain donations, but there’s still something underhand about this strategy.