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Payday loans: Why is usury permitted?


An article regarding Cash Converters expected to announce a major loss for the previous financial year.

So sad, too bad.



An article warning consumers that payday lenders Cigno and Gold-Silver Standard Finance have changed their name to MyFi.

Different name, same bottom-feeding grubs.


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We’ve joined the Stop the Debt Trap Alliance with other consumer groups to call on the government to take action against dodgy payday lenders.

Plus, here’s some advice on why you should avoid payday loans:


An article regarding consumer groups calling on the government to act on the bottom-feeding payday lenders.

You really have to laugh at George Christensen’s ludicrous statement.

“The Nationals MP George Christensen was one of those opposed to the crackdown, saying the industry played an important role for those who were “desperate” for financial help.”

I was not aware that marijuana had been legalised in Qld.