Online websites that appear Australian but are not

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Reality is that regardless of rules it is increasingly difficult to discover where a web site is hosted and what country the business legally operates in (ie. for service of legal notices) except by reading the T&C or other pages that can be mind numbing to wade through. is not resolved as a URL while an internet search clearly shows The ‘Australia’ is as done by many global companies, some respected multinationals and some scammers.

The only ‘Australia’ linkage on their contact page is a mobile phone number. The bricks and mortar offices are in the US, UK, HK, and IN. Their claims are ambit but on inspection far from persuasive.

Researching companies prior to doing business can be revealing.

The ASIC register also returns a NineLife Australia Pty Ltd in Glen Waverley VIC, but it seems unrelated. Although it was registered in July 2020 there is no information on the web and getting more from ASIC is at a cost.

It is not unusual for warranties to be limited to the country of origin or purchase unless the warranty is stipulated as an international one, and then must be read to see what it really means. The US does not have anything exactly like the ACL. Americans sometimes can get satisfaction contacting the Better Business Bureau although it is unlikely this company will respond favourably based on the reviews on the net.

Your $600 might need to be written off as an educational experience?