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Non-stick Fry Pans and olive oil


Have you given House and Baccarat a suitable review on Product Review?

Whilst Baccarat’s reviews are somewhat of a mixed bag, the reviews for House leave no doubt.

The only thing missing is the first part of their name. “Sh*t”.



I use fry-pans spun at Sovereign Hill and a couple of Stainless ones by ScanPan - I won’t use any kind of non-stick, seems heinous … :wink:


Yep, left a review of Baccarat Rock… I feel it’s important to hold these companies to account, especially when consumers are swayed by their questionable “lifetime warranty”.


Yes, it would have been frustrating when their warranty terms and conditions, and the manufacturer’s Cookware Use & Care Instructions mention or preclude the use of extra virgin olive oil, or any specific plant or animal based oils. The only exclusion would be the use of spray on oils.

You were within your rights to see remediation under the Australian Consumer Law/manufacturer’s warranty and well done for holding your ground and obtaining a refund.

Yes, their ‘lifetime warranty’ of 25 years has a number of exclusions, which are generally consistent with the Australian Consumer Law/ACCC guides. The manufacturer’s warranty states:

  • Misuse or a failure to use in accordance with our ‘’care and Use Instruction’’, such as improper use and cleaning, neglect, modification, fire, theft or commercial use; or normal wear and tear.

The only thing which may be of issue is normal wear and tear. As most consumers would be using the pan regularly, then one would expect normal wear and tear to be covered by the ‘lifetime warranty’. Not doing so would in effect make the ‘lifetime warranty’ invalid and could be seen as a unseasonable condition.


So if you use it normally, subject it to normal wear and tear, you have no warranty for up to 25 years at which point the warranty expires.

Sounds like they are filled with confidence in the durability of their product, I’ll have two but I will leave them in the cupboard to not void the warranty.