Netflix picture format issues

Exactly my question. Is an extra device like Apple TV etc going to make any difference if content is locked to a specific aspect ratio?
It seems everything is headed towards letterbox for reasons totally unexplained.

Or to the largest screen one can accomodate on the wall space available? In which instance is the observation likely to not matter? Sometime into the future near or far.

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The reasons are not totally unexplained. Movies have always been made in wide screen format to show in theaters. Certainly much wider than the original 4:3 TV or even the normal 16:9 TV aspect ratio of today.

Watched the Top gun maverick movie recently on free to air and that was filmed in 2.39:1 which is around 21:9 aspect ratio with rounding down.

So it had to be letterboxed.

But the original from 1986 filmed in the same format, on my DVD and on free to air has been processed into 16:9 format. Presumably using pan and scan to cut bits off the sides.

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AppleTV: Netflix - some things are full screen, and others are letterboxed. My TV is only 32” and I really don’t mind the black bars… even the side ones for old stuff that requires 4:3. I’m watching the show, not looking for faults. I’m sure it will be exactly the same on my Fetch box.