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Local VS Overseas prices


Thanks for the info @hitspacebar-choice. What a shocker!


While the cases I refer to below are not strictly Local VS Overseas prices issues it does touch on why we may be paying too much to Overseas companies. It does raise the issue of the Australia Tax where we are made to pay an amount based on our location rather than on what an exchange rate based cost might levy because a company has a monopoly on where you get your apps from…

I have just read an article about Apple being sued in the USA for anti-trust behaviour. The Supreme Court of the US has rejected Apple’s argument that they are just a middleman and so users can’t legally sue them. The Anti-Trust case will now proceed through the lower Courts. The original Anti-Trust case had been started in 2011 and Apple had appealed a decision made by a Lower Court. From the article on is this about why the plaintiffs have pushed for the case:

"The case centers on two main differences between apps on Apple mobile devices and those on rival systems such as Google’s Android. The first is that it is virtually impossible to install an app on an iPhone or iPad from a sources other than the official iTunes App Store - something Apple cites as being important for security reasons.

The second is that publishers have to pay Apple thirty percent of the app’s sale price, providing that the app is not being distributed as ‘free’"

To read a BBC article about the case:

To read the Supreme Court decision:

Apple is also under legal fire in the EU by Spotify. Apple charges 30% on both App sales (ie buying the App) and sales through Apps eg if you buy a music subscription through a Spotify App then 30% commission is levied on that purchase.

These cases could affect the pricing models of other App Stores such as those run by Google and Microsoft.