Littering - guilty until proven innocent

An older topic but one still in the news. Anyone can report anyone for littering when the revenue system and EPA step in, but if the accuser decides to go missing no flies on them. No penalties for frivolous accusations or not attending when required.

I seems an ongoing and flawed system where proving innocence could theoretically be as impossible as an accusation since the accusation can be based on ‘nothing’. Per @anwitham’s experience it might only take a stat dec for defence sans hard evidence?

It depends on the tenacity of the accused to front court and take the risks that littering has not yet become an administrative rather than legal process to ‘make a point’ and take some money, possibly defended only by the most determined to ‘clear their name’ if a stat dec doesn’t work. As it is, seems more a misuse of time and resources to go through the motions if one denies the accusation?