Kindle books availability

No problems with mobi, azw, azw3 on my Kindle Paperwhite.


Have you tried using a VPN connected to a US site? That might fool Amazon into thinking you are based in the US.

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But not to epub. I think Kindle was able to process epub in its early days but it can’t, now.

Rubbish. You can email those to your Kindle and Amazon will convert and load them for you. I’ve been doing it for years.

You don’t need a VPN, you need a US account. The Kindle store is like the iTunes store.

I’ve been working off an Amazon UK account with my Australian credit card for years. No tricks required.

Change the epub file extension to .png and then email it. It’s a very well documented workaround.

Not so. That might work for older Kindles (it does for a friend of mine) but for my PW3, I’ve never got it to work. I convert beforehand and then use the send to kindle app.

LOL tell the OP who was asking then. Don’t tell me, I have other methods of conversion. And I stand by my original comment that Kindles do not read epub, or PDF. As you have so rightly said, they need conversion.

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Thanks for all the input! I’ll wait to see what Amazon will do, if anything! In the meantime, seems there is Calibre.


Remainder of my message was removed, so the above probably does not make much sense. But, I’m told not to update my Calibre any more or, it won’t work as it used to work.

WELL this has annoyed for 12 months…

I knew that this could happen, but until I tried it myself, and it successfully worked, I chose to SHUT UP!!

ALL KINDLES have an associated email address that is used when regisitering the product. This email address permits you to email to your KINDLE and you can email a PDF and a couple of other formats. FIND and access the email address in SETTINGS. IN the EMAIL subject line title it “CONVERT” and then attach the file as an attachment!

For this to work YOU MUST go to your kindle “personal documents settings”( this is in your online account) and allow your “originating email address” as an APPROVED address so that the KINDLE system will allow the document. ( STOPS spamming) The item takes about 3-5 minutes to get to your kindle, and depending upon the document size and network traffic could take approx 30 minutes to upload to the device.

Hope this helps kindle users.