HP firmware update blocks 'non-HP chip' cartridges

@phb I believe that the firmware update happened after I bought the toner cartridges. Prior to that, the HP MFP kept sending me messages that I wasn’t using genuine toner.

I have contacted the toner suppliers and they have offered to refund or replace the toners with newer versions that they insist will work with the firmware checks. I have opted for the replacements and will try them to see if it works as I am unwilling to pay multiples of the cost to buy ‘genuine’ HP toner.

I have now come to the same conclusion as several of you have, and will never buy a HP peripheral again.

I don’t see any point in compaining to the ACCC, as there was that obscure notification in the firmware download description.

I will let you know how I go with the replacement toner cartridges.