How do you think about the information on our website?

the way the items are laid out in the first task is so difficult and inefficient, I cannot justify the time it takes to sort it out. If you allowed a grid format and a grouping capability so that once you have related topics together you can move them together, it would make things much quicker and hopefully still give the information you have asked for.


If I could offer a constructive observation - it took me some time and a couple of try this what does it do (guessing) trials on how to move choices around.p etc. For Choice followers with broad IT skills or those more digitally educated intuitive? For us less exposed a confusing challenge trying to get started.

I’ve vague recollections of something similar where there was a visual demonstration (various screen tools can record a demo) of how to go about the task of selecting, moving, naming, undoing etc. It may have assisted or encouraged greater involvement by showing how the product chosen for the assessment worked.

I completed the challenge, but it took me nearly as long to work out now to proceed as it did to sort and label. :+1:


The site keeps freezing and shows a creepy hand - needs attention

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The Choice Members and Consumer/Product Reviews website, or this - The Choice Community website?

I’ve only had issues with this website - none of which give the error you noted. It may help others to advise which Device/OS and browser or App is displaying the message and hand.

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I think the site referred to with the ‘creepy hand’ is the optimalworkshop site which has the card sort test.
Not one of the Choice sites.

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