Google and your location data

From my reading of the suit it alleges it was the GPS and other location data that was used, even if a user had thought they had turned this off it continued to store, and provide Location Data to other Apps and to Google as there were many Apps that had to be explicitly told (had to have it turned off) not to use Location Data. It is alleged this is even to the point that Ads were served based on that “turned off” Location Data. Some of this I have previously posted above but we will have to await the outcome of the case to probably/possibly get more detail as there is still a lot of redacted content.

I think this adds more weight to many of the arguments about why we need to more stringently regulate these large corporations as has been raised in the topic Do we Need to Regulate Google and Facebook

If only we could join in the suit in Az, maybe we could get some outcome to our benefit out of it ie our data truly expunged, an injunction on further collection…those would be good outcomes.

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