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Give way to buses signs


I and possibly many others would have no issue with non-Translink operated buses, such as public or private school buses, wearing the 'Give Way to Bus signs. These signs are used for safety reasons. That is more important, arguing that they should have no signs and putting the lives of children in the bus at risk or accepting that these signs reduce the potential serious injury or death of passengers on buses where the signage is displayed.

Also imagine the alternative scenario that school buses did not have signage and one of these buses was rear ended when trying to re-enter a stream of traffic from a bus stop. There were injuries and/or deaths. I am sure that the parents would be asking many questions of why the school buses didn’t have signage and if it did, would have it prevented the crash. The media and lawyers would also have a field day.

I personally don’t think it is elitist trying to protect the welfare of children.

The signage might also be required by/condition of the school’s insurance company to mitigate risks.


This might need the relevant state minister to seek clarification from his department. The answer Fred123 now has appears incomplete.

In Brisbane the TransLink and other buses use the SE freeway and other roads that are signed at 80kph or greater. The State Govt act and Regulations would need to stipulate the 70kph and regular route requirrements. I have yet to find this limitation.

My suggestion is that It is up to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Director General and his respective Regional Directors to make any determinations on who they will issue permits to. There may be an internal directive on how this is to be done.

Many of the standards and requirements applicable to use of our roads in Qld are determined within the department or by national recognised standards etc through the authority given by legislation.


In true State Government uniformity all traffic rules across Australia are the same? Right?

Anyway NSW has a different solution to Qld, per above. One that I am accustomed to from frequently travelling over the boarder from QLD.

Perhaps this is a good solution too!


As a bus driver I can tell you there are many who do not give way to buses. Even those who are supposed to be upholding the law dont give way to buses, and Im not talking about when they are on duty either, not that that makes any difference to them. They might as well just do away with that law completely because everyone just ignores it, and noone enforces it. WOuld love to know how many tickets have ever been issued for this offence