For a Batchelor couple how does Lite n Easy compare to shopping at Coles

Hi we always shop at Coles and usually intend buying a few things but always end up with more
How have you find buying Lite n Easy or cooking at home measure up price wise

We are interested because of the variety that we would not even try and each can chose their preference

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Choice has reviewed Lite n’ Easy meals a few times

They also reviewed other prepared meals and food boxes.

My mother has been on Lite n Easy for several years, but has a pantry full of breakfasts and a freezer full of meals she didn’t like as you have to take the full menu. As she is a single pensioner, the small packaged serves of eg carrot avoided her having to buy a packet and possibly waste most (carrot probably not the best example here…) After a while she began to dislike the sameness of the menus and changed to another local provider. I believe she gets some sort of discount/assistance with these.

The downside of Ln’E was the excessive packaging. But it appeared to be good value, but that is against a regional area without Big Supermarkets. A lot of variables to consider.


We live regionally and use meal deliveries for convenience, not for weight loss, so I’ve never had to order anything other than dinners from Lite n Easy. I just select Dinners Only, and the larger the order, the cheaper per meal. Occasionally we try a mini-meal or snack when they have a special.

I can pick my own meals. I choose what I want. You just have to keep scrolling through the options and skip everything else.

I usually add some extra veggies or salad, since the standard Lite n Easy and supermarket meals are generally only about 380 grams. Some may go up to 450 grams now. (We don’t have desserts.)

I’ve shopped online for groceries for years now, so I’ve got a good idea of what we’re likely to enjoy. Most things are for the microwave, not the oven, so anything that should be crispy (schnitzel, chips) can be a bit soggy. But if you like roasts and pastas and curries, etc, these meals can be very handy to have in the freezer.

We’ve enjoyed some Lite n Easy fresh meals, but they have to be eaten within a couple of days, so they won’t send more than a few in a large order.

I order them all for “me” so there’s only one delivery fee, but that makes it look as if 14 meals are going to last for two weeks, not one.

The supermarkets are certainly giving the meal services and businesses a run for their money now, and it’s been great since Covid kicked in.

Good luck to your mum.


You don’t, actually… I have often bought just dinners for 7 days or 14 days depending on mood. I found them adequate until they started using more pepper in the meals. I don’t like pepper except ground black and only on scrambled eggs. I stopped buying then. You also don’t have to take the suggested menu, you can choose your own.


Probably a misunderstanding with an elderly customer who isn’t tech savvy. I don’t know how she ordered, or if someone set up a recurring menu. Now in her 90’s with fading eyesight she is getting 2 meals prepared by the local cafe (around the corner) and they drop off & pick up 5 days a week. She likes the variety (and I guess social interaction). She tried the supermarket frozen dinners and hated them. Pays to look around at other options.


Life in retirement can go at a pace and we found ourselves being quite time poor. Wider family introduced us to Lite n’Easy and we haven’t look back. We still cook, and so we opted for Lite n’Easy ‘meals of convenience’. Favourites included Chicken Fettuccini, and Slow Cooked Beef with Red Wine and Mustard Glaze. More recently we have moved to the My Choice range of meals. We love the fact that someone else has dealt with meal size, calories, and nutritional balance. While not our goal, we have both lost some weight. Telephone support couldn’t be better, delivery is early morning, and the budget impact has some offsets at the supermarket plus fewer trips to buy food. For us, Lite n’Easy has been a lifestyle change.

CHOICE has a positive write-up on L’n’E see – zackarii, 26 March 2022. It’s had a 5-star rating from Canstar Blue in successive years. You can opt in at any level you desire, and variety is extensive. Even in my best cooking days I didn’t come anywhere near to the array offered by L’n’E. Oh, and did I mention washing up?

If you like over-cooked soggy TV dinners then go for them, but they are very expensive. Personally, I’d advise you to learn a few basic dishes that take under 30 minutes to make and cook for yourself.

L&E is also poor on catering for different diets. e,g, if you say vegetarian then you are likely to be faced with a choice of pasta or pasta with an occasional rice option. God help you if it is something more complex such as gluten-free! And these are mainstream ways of eating these days.

If you want convenience and money is not an issue then give it a try. It’s just not for me though, home cooked all the way here.

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I find Lite n’ Easy quite expense but it is very convenient so comes in handy if you’re time poor. I also find the excess packaging quite annoying as well and think they could do more to reduce this without impacting the quality and presentation of the food.I also find myself getting a bit sick of it after a while. There is a lot of variety but find processed food starts to taste the same after a while, even when it’s good quality like Lite n’ Easy. I hope this helps.

Hi everybody and thanks for your opinions - we tried for seven days and really appreciate the products of Lite n Easy we tried - we ordered some meals that we would never attempt to cook at home and we both found them wonderful
So far cannot see how people can honestly complain about the foods but we realise that some would find it expensive - we are very fortunate and understand that packaging is essential and it is very expensive as well so we are confident that - for the present - the manufacturer is now using the minimum necessary but that’s just our opinion

Kind regards to all