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Find hiring a car a completely frustrating experience? Tell us about it



I find it frustrating when you book online and the cost you are quoted is not the full cost you will be charged.
I booked a car over the christmas break to be picked up from Europcar at Brisbane Airport. The quote I received was approx $400, the final cost was approx $700 all because of the add ons they basically insist you have to have, like insurance and the compulsory airport fees and charges.
The car i booked was not the one I was initially given. I ordered a small car and they gave me a medium size car, by the time the paperwork was completed and I got to my car, it was nearly an hour. I got into the car and the service warning lights were on the dash. I had to go back to the office and get someone to come back to the car to then go back to the office and be issued with another car, so had to go through all the paperwork again and re-sign everything. An hour and a half later, I finally left the airport with a brand new Commodore with 14kms on the speedo. Was very happy with the end result.


From the time I posted the above article about the disgraceful service at Budget Darwin on the former Not Good Enough website in 2009 to the time NGE shut down around 2012, the post had been read around 2,000 times.

Now it has another lease of life here.

Some businesses just seem to prefer to learn the hard way.

Bad customer service reviews. “The gift that just keeps on giving”.