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Expiry dates and other rorts on gift cards/vouchers


Yes indeed, Christine. Isn’t this disgusting? Just another way to gouge money for nothing from people. Theft, in my prejudiced opinion!

I am assuming that it has not yet expired, so that you should still have that devalued credit sitting there waiting for you to use.

If so, I wonder if there might be someone in Europe for whom you can buy a gift online with it; or even give them the access details to access the account and spend it themselves on your behalf.

Alternatively, might there be some other way that you can use it, which will not involve postage?

For example, for a long time I have been researching all the different lines of my family tree. There are now lots of databases overseas which require a PAID subscription in order to access their data. Especially in the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland; and also in Ireland itself. For anyone you might know who is doing this sort of research, the money would be a lovely gift.

Similarly, having a DNA analysis done, can all be ordered online, whereby they send a kit out worldwide, you send back a swab to them; and the results are then available for whatever family purpose you or someone else might like to use it; which can include family medical research, as well as genealogy more generally.

If my wife had any say in the matter, she would immediately use such things to purchase subscriptions to either craft magazines to be posted to her; or to be sent to her digitally; and likewise to purchase e-books online.

Hopefully, these thoughts might give you some possible options to prevent the company from profiting any further from the situation.


I recently had to return a faulty Dash Cam to The Good Guys under an extended warranty that turned out to be an insurance policy by a third party. So I got my refund, but only as a gift voucher, which expires in 12 months. Won’t be in a hurry to purchase from them again.


Well you can start with Westfield.


Westfield have expiry dates and they rigorously enforce it. Start the list here maybe Choice can regularly publish the list.


I am friends with the MD of Myers and I told him about this… but he has not responded.

I am very surprised, as he is usually very customer service conscious…


That is probably illegal. You should contact Fair Trading in your state.


Good for Bunnings! We should all support them!


Update: Gift cards sold in NSW will soon have a three year minimum expiry.


why we cant go back to how it was before and get rid of these gift cards and all. and just give money instead.but i am sure overseas countries that sell gift cards have no expiry dates.Why are we backward thinking here someones making the money somehow.


One thing I find that’s really weird is that people are selling Woolies $100 egiftcards with a 1 year expiry on ebay for $113 and people are actually buying them.


How odd… I’m not sure why people would do this when the Woolworths eGiftcards are available online, but it sure seems to be the case.


Even more baffling when many organisations (eg RACV, etc) sell Woolworths and other gift cards at a 5% discount! Could be the attraction is the gift cards are new, or you get free postage! :wink:


Chrisco add 10% to the card’s price but then you get 12 months almost to pay it off and it does cover postage.


Looks like the secondary gift card market is alive and well. Thanks for the info @TheBBG and @grahroll :thumbsup:


I buy Woolies egiftcards via my union with a 5% discount, there’s an option to email it to anyone. I wonder if these people are doing something like that, making a business out of it. Collect $113 via ebay and pay $95 for the egiftcard and just add the buyer’s email address for the card to be emailed out. $18 profit each time (minus ebay fees).


Looks like that might be the case


At nearly 10% Ebay commission and possibly another 4-5% to Paypal there will be next to nothing left. There is no logic in what people buy and pay for certain items. I advertised a plain $ 10 note a while back out of curiosity and got $ 16.00 ( minus expenses) for it!


A plain $10 note? Wow, that is something @erwinhecht. There’s certainly some quirky stuff happening online in relation to what people will purchase, I’ll flag it with our content team as a story idea.


This could be superseded for quirkiness, but


There are some great ones in there. A single corn flake… oh dear :laughing: