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Dangerous Skechers Shoes


I have a pair of Skechers shoes SN54610, AU273357.

I am about to put them in the rubbish because when I wear them I often trip as the front of the sole seems to grab the surface that I am walking on. I have worn them infrequently, but the last time that I wore them I tripped twice but fortunately, I managed to regain my balance without falling.

Out of interest I Googled Skechers safety issues and found numerous stories of people having accidents with Skechers shoes in the USA and other places.

I am turning 72 and very fit, with good balance and I feel that is how I have managed to not fall when tripped by the shoes.


Hi @hrodden, welcome to the community and sorry to hear about your shoes.

Shoee are probably supposed to grab the surface one is walking on to prevent slipping.

Do the shoes tend to bite the surface when commencing a step, in mid step or at the end of the step?

Does it occur on any walking surface, or just some?

If it is mid-step, I wonder if the sole is thicker than what you have been use to resulting in the sole dragging mid-step and gripping onto the walking surface. It might mean an adjustment to your walk in such case, ensuring the sole is lifted higher away from the walking surface.


I have never experienced this with any shoes in 72 years. There is lots of information on the web about law suits and people falling when wearing Skechers shoes.


I think Henry you have a pair of these SKECHERS GOWALK MAX - PRECISION. The third photo down on the left shows the sole from underneath. {Click on the blue type to go to the linked website}

Is this what you have?

I can’t see anything untoward about the sole. Perhaps as @phb said they are different to what you are used to? I know that sole construction is changing significantly particularly in recent times, with new materials and new designs. (I remember when it was a choice of leather soles or leather soles with those little steel caps front and back.)

Anyway, perhaps those ridges of different looking material grab the floor differently? Perhaps they will be less trippy once you have worn the shoes and soles in a bit?

All the reviews for the US shoes was five stars out of five, and I couldn’t find any negative feedback relating to either the US or the Aust product numbers.


Looking online, there seem two US court actions.

The first being about their toning shoes which were specifically designed to place the wearer off balance. It was thought that being off balance increase muscle use and therefore tone leg muscles.

The second not relating to shoe stability, but potentially reaction from chemicals used in children light up shoes.

As outlined above, it would be interesting to know when the gripping action occurs (start, mid or end of step action) and walking surfaces it has occurred on. Such may give an indication to where the problem my lie.


I am 78 and love the comfort of Skechers BUT after tripping and falling yesterday for the third time in 2 yrs I decided to check on my suspicions. Google didn’t let me down. In the U.S. there is a class action and here in Australia several articles. My first fall was from the top of a beach wooden fence and my shoe “glued” to the top as I went to jump down a two metre wall. I crashed onto wet sand injuring my ribs. I am fortunate to have very strong healthy bones but the pain was excruciating…hospital said clinically it was fractured ribs. Weeks of pain. Next time was on a footpath…same thing but I hit hard on my cheekbone amongst other superficial injuries. Taken to hospital! So yesterday when I arrived home to find my new purchase of two pairs of Skechers, I have not opened the package and intend to take this further. Shame though, I have plantar fasciitis and they help with that…

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