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Coles now with Personal Loans

Exactly my thought. No mention of rates or a comparison rate and the text at the bottom is far to small for anyone without binoculars to read. The only thing you’re meant to take away is ‘get flybuys’


The Personal Loans and flybuys points are still being offered. First you see:


then the more info provides this:

So not everyone but it could be more than 500 to apply by the 31st of October & importantly only the first 500 of those who activate the loan within 30 days of approval. They want you to rush to activation obviously.


The Flybuys points on Loans is still active and they have upped the ante to 10,000 points. No mention of interest rates, or other what I think are important terms and conditions of the finance under their line that in blue writing that says Terms and Conditiuons. The actual credit facility is Citigroup Pty Ltd. Coles receives commission for the introduction of credit business, so perhaps why they call them Coles Personal Loan. Still think this promotion is a bit Shonky and they seem to want a rush of applicants by having such a close cut off day for the points and establishment fee removal. I wonder how much this commission they receive is worth…does it have trailing commissions for the life of the loan? Must be worth more than the $50 worth of Flybuys they offer one might think.


I just hit that little X at the top right of the ad. As I do for their “partner” ads, like Medibank or whatever the current favourite is. Nearly at the point of canning flybuys entirely. I’ll use up the points I have, then it can go to heck.