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Charities what percentage do recipients get of my donation?

How much do recipients get if my donation .Like Save the Children Fund , World Vidion , Snith Family etc .


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Yours is a question many of us ask from time to time. The charity is the only authoritative source of information, and they provide some information to this government web site.

The numbers get filtered as explained here although they don’t call it filtering.

There has been significant effort to obfuscate how much is paid to for-profit collectors as a general statement.

Also go to the specific charity’s web site and check its annual report for more information.


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Each fund and how you donate to the funds affects how much gets to the actual ones you wish to assist. Non-profit doesn’t mean that a Charity uses all or almost all the funds to distribute to the affected. Some of the money in many cases is needed to administer the funds eg for rent, power, banking costs, wages/salaries, insurances and many other costs. Then some may be held for unexpected events and not distributed immediately. Funding that goes through a 3rd party will often have fees deducted from your donation before it even reaches a Charity, sometimes these fees are very substanial and even approach nearly or get to 100% (some 3rd parties take the entire 1st donation or year’s worth of a recurring plan).

If wanting to donate then it is best to donate directly to the organisation than to use a 3rd party sign up business (many of these are door to door or those you see in shopping centres not all though are). If you donate directly you will avoid the stripping of funds by others. Expect that around 25% of funds will be used by the organisations for their costs. If much more than this they are probably being inefficient in handling your money.


Choice has also covered charity donations in the past…

If I give to a charity, I give directly to the organisation rather than through street hawkers or door knockers. Hawkers and knockers often get part of the monies collected reducing the amount ending up in the charities hands. While charities have costs they need to cover before providing their services, at least giving money directly maximises the money they receive.


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There has been discussion on the forum about similar questions to this. Have a look at Scale of fees charged by Charity Collection Agents, just WOW!.

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