Carpet shampooer review

Sorry I didn’t see your response before, Chris.

I plan to shampoo my son’s bedroom carpet this coming weekend, when he’s with his father. I will have to make some substitutions to the recipe I found, as it includes products that aren’t available in Australia, so I will let you know what my final recipe is, if you like. The original recipe has the title “The Best Ever Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for Machines”, and I found it here:

For Awesome Cleaner check Olympic Cleen (also sold as KickAss Cleaner). At 20:1 dilution for general use it is brilliant but not too strong in a sprayer and trying “1/4 cup” of the 20:1 dilution on a colourfast hidden area might be rewarding for a start.

The rest of the US products are here as different brands, or check USA Foods web site for direct imports (eg Tide, that is nothing more than a mainstream laundry product).

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Thanks so much for the info. As far as detergent goes, that was my thought too, although not all detergents are created equal! I was thinking of using the Omo Ultimate that I normally use (as per the Choice magazine recommendation), but the one I have is a powder detergent, so I’m not sure whether it’s worth trying to convert it to a liquid form, or if I should just buy a liquid detergent instead. None of the liquid detergents performed as well as the powders in their tests, though, and I want this to work as well as possible first time around. With a bad back and neck, this is going to be a painful enough process as it is!