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Car GPS and app reviews


I can confirm neither my Garmin nor Tomtom products have any of those choices. :smiley:

With a simpler fail when I enter the local city of Eltham VIC for a POI search the Garmin usually starts with Eltham NSW although it obviously knows where I am in or near Eltham VIC


There is nothing I like more than a good road trip, but I suspect that 1000+km testing in one trip will blow our testing budget out of the water :sweat_smile:. I’ll see if we can add something more to our bench test.


My TomTom does the same ( in my case, listing locations in Vic or Qld as ‘first options’ when it knows I’m in NSW ) :thinking:


Maybe they are hinting we all need to get out and about more?


Here still not here! :smiley:

Here has been advertising the mobile apps recently, and Here traffic analytics reported in The Age a few days ago.


Back from a USA drive using our phone & tablet for mostly offline navigation. There is no one best nav app.

Although having access to various apps, we found ourselves using Here, Waze & Google.
Neither routing or time estimations varied much between them.

The biggest driving nightmare was crossing Los Angeles labyrinth of freeways. How the various apps do the lane guidance and what information is displayed is very different. One may show an exit number, another the exit to road name. The freeway signs were occasionally inconsistent showing one or the other.
Lane guidance? My wife would frustrating say I’m in the wrong lane (“Google is very clear”) as I’m following a different Here lane guidance. Here’s guidance often required ‘situational interpretation’, whereas Google’s apparent clarity was not allways.

Here WeGo - Does most things reasonably well. Also used it for public transport. My preference for offline.
Search not as good as Waze, but goes online to search if available.

Waze - best in the city. Best spoken instructions. Best for live messages about incidents ahead. Fastest route update when you don’t follow instructions. Inconsistent & often wrong speed zones. Doesn’t describe some intersections as intersection if you are going straight through. Hides all extraneous detail so it looks simple. That’s good for some, but I like more information. Does some weird routings occasionally. No offline.

Google Maps - no speed, so I wouldn’t use it. Arguably the best lane guidance.

TomTom - ugly. Everything works, nothing special. Offline search is very limited. Has very small map files and lacks detail compared to the others.

Sygic - frustratingly the car hands free always wanted to dial out when Sygic was running. The sound connection was more important than using Sygic so we gave up on it.


Dodgy ‘Lifetime’ marketing claims have been removed from TomTom, Garmin and Navman GPS devices.


I wont use google maps, I really dont like Mr Google Knowing everything about where I go and when I go there. I used to like Waze until Google bought it. Metroview isnt bad, it uses the Here maps, but its got a godawful UI, ugly as sin. I’ve chosen to go with Navmii, which uses Open Streetmaps and is free worldwide. It costs very little to remove the ads (which are only in the backend anyway). There’s an annual fee for traffic but thats not much either. Its good value.