‘Breakfast’ Cereal Review

Yes, but not very much of either. The recipe you gave has both. It would be approximately 10% sugar where weetbix is nearer 2%.

Without trying it I can’t be sure but I suspect there is not enough water to gel the starch in the grains and flour so it will likely have that raw flavour.

Thanks for trying to help but it’s not for me.


Yes, looks like a lot more sugar salt and fat.
But it sound like a nice treat: maybe a snack for children once in a while.

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this is exhausting. I am done.

When you cook you control the amount of sugar, salt etc

Everyone here is as bad as my neighbor. Everything is bad and too hard unless you buy it.

I told him I bake bread now… he told me it’s ‘no good and it’s crap’ better to buy and still tosses it all a day after buying it.

Be fair @annaa63 :slightly_smiling_face:
Say we omit or reduce the one cup of sugar and the salt, and leave out the chocolate, the cranberries, and the highly saturated fat coconut, we would still have the sodium in the baking powder and the fat in the one cup of oil. The ingredients left would be oatmeal, grain, wheat flour, water and vanilla essence, why would we mix and bake those?

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Not at all, you are inventing things that were not said and do not happen. Just the things I can think of that I make my own:

  • bread and pizza base
  • jam and marmalade
  • preserved fruit
  • biscuits and cakes (a rarity)
  • pies, tarts and quiche with home made pastry
  • ice cream and desserts with home grown eggs (rare)
  • mayo, dressing and sauces on dishes (bolognaise, bearnaise, lemon, mushroom etc)

The main meals are almost all home made from scratch with fresh meat and vegetables, including home grown garlic, herbs, fruit and vege in season.

I do use a few convenience foods such as frozen fish as there is no fishmonger withing a bull’s roar.

What I don’t make from scratch are things like condiments, factory sauces, filo pastry, olives, salami, ham. Yes and weetbix. The reason? The amount of effort is just far too much for the results and/or it would require skills and equipment I don’t have.

Have you ever made spanakopita or lahem bageen? I bet you didn’t make your own filo. Do you use any Asian sauces, I bet you don’t make your own soy, hoi sin or oyster sauce. I have peeled, seeded, cooked, reduced and seasoned to make my own tomato sauce. Doing this you reduce a big heap of tomatoes to a couple of cups of sauce but it takes hours. It is nicer than store bought. Worth the trouble? Not unless you love your tomato sauce and are bored and have nothing to do.

You let your passion obscure the fact that others make reasonable decisions even if they do not read from your hymnal word for word.