Bonza airlines collapse

Never ever got an email with that pdf linked. I assume that’s the one they refer to but I never got it (checked spam folder etc)

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Any affected Bonza consumers should instigate a chargeback. Such approach is recommended by AFCA and the ACCC:

Factsheet – Chargebacks | Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

Whether the chargeback is successful will only be know after it is processed by the card issuer. There is a chance it will be successful, hence not instigating a chargeback could limit available options to pursue to potentially recover funds.


Continuing, this is what Chadwick says about refunds …

Section 7.

Follow that and you’ll get what your husband found … nothing, a big circle.


The issue with that approach is not all do. It might need to be mandated as an option to be provided by all insurers. Consumers can then opt out if they choose. For the travel insurers and consumers though the risk and cost of choosing more reliable is likely to be used to cover the liabilities arising from the poorer choices.

Hence it would seem more cost effective to have the cost applied to the providers directly. Those who can convince the insurer they are better managed and lower risk pay less. Those who cannot pay more or those who fail to get cover cannot trade.

Insurance which ever way it is set up is an added cost and if privately funded carries a profit margin plus risk ratings. Hence why a trust account based system makes more sense as it has only a basic administrative overhead. Similar principles apply to rental agreements where they require the bond to be paid into trust.

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This week hubby received 4 emails (two for each leg of flight) from not-so-Bonza airlines. They confirmed his tickets were cancelled and all flights ‘temporarily suspended’ to 29th May and that ‘further communications will be issued regarding funds paid for flight.’ Oh, and that they were sorry… :roll_eyes: