Best Laundry Detergents 2023

I cannot speak to the most recent test, but from 2 years ago.

Anecdotally many consumers like them and claim they do a good job but the lab test did not confirm that. Whether they have changed since is a question. Choice explains its position here and for those not clicking through,.

Why don’t CHOICE test laundry sheets?

Our past experience with laundry sheets showed they were poor performers. While you may think they are more sustainable as they don’t come in a bottle, the ingredients found in laundry sheets are very similar to those in any laundry liquid (minus the water). Not to mention, the chemicals used in laundry sheets enter the wastewater stream without providing any benefit to the cleaning cycle.

Their poor performance is caused by the nature of the product. Being a flexible material, laundry sheets contain no builders or enzymes, which has a significant negative impact on performance. The size and weight of the sheet also means they have a much lower dose than regular laundry detergents. In comparison, a single laundry sheet is equivalent to 4 grams of laundry liquid. A laundry liquid generally has a dosage around 50-65 grams. Essentially, laundry sheets simply add fragrance to a load of washing.

Anything further @airedale?