Banning Halloween spider netting

Good reason to push back against new pollution opportunities as they appear, instead of letting them get out of hand as so many already have. For want of a nail

Why not go all out and ban Halloween ( together with the fake webbing) which is just another marketing tool to encourage people to buy more stuff to pollute the world with.

Have you considered Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, (Many are cynically called Hallmark Holidays), I could go on ad nauseum, and are all marketing gimmicks to some cultures.

Who would make that decision on which are in or out and on what basis?

There are many things it would please me to ban. There are many people who would have other opinions though.

This forum is well filled with proposed ‘aortas’, as in ‘aorta dosumthin’. So many problems that can only be solved by immediate action, often new laws, usually to enforce one thing or ban another.

Aorta: a major blood vessel. However, in Strine, this is “the personification of the benevolent paternal welfare state to which all Strines appeal for help and comfort in moments of frustration and anguish.” For example, “Aorta build another arber bridge. An aorta stop half of these cars from cummer ninner the city, so a feller can get twirkon time.” [They oughta build another harbor Bridge. And they oughta stop half these cars from coming into the city, so a fellow can get to work on time.]


This fake spider web has great uses INDOORS at Halloween-gave us great displays when I worked in a public library. And we used to take it all down and store it to use again the following year. A little bit goes a long way.
But I can’t even see the point of using it in the trees outside-in reality trees continue growing so cobwebs like that wouldn’t really be a thing. Having said that, my backyard spider is on a roll right now!!
Maybe ‘Old Man’s Beard’/Spanish Moss could become the new outdoor decoration.


Scary Halloween! :ghost:
Halloween is over. :scream:
No apparitions not of our world were harmed, and hopefully all our children returned safely to their beds, sugar loaded beyond any reasonable prospects of early dreaming?

Not sure how it went for the big kids (aka Peter Pans). We sent the evening watching the grown-ups and teenagers maturely having fun “Old People’s Home for Teenagers”.

For some, a night filled with genuine fear.

There’s enough charred leaf and bark fall out in our yard to not need fake spider web. Unfortunately the current state of the climate plus ….


One observation is that if you can “nip something in the bud”, it can be much easier to solve the problem than waiting until it is a bigger problem and harder to solve. Once something becomes entrenched there will always be more community resistance and more vested interest.

Another general observation is that if there are too many problems then no problems get solved. So you have to pick one battle where success is achievable, and then run with it.

At the end of the day, the OP raised a specific issue - and I expressed agreement with his/her point. That says nothing about any number of other issues, whether semi-related or unrelated, that could be raised as a “what about”. If you want to “ban cats”, you can always start a new topic or use “Reply as linked topic” to fork the discussion in a different direction.


I think the medical triage model is a far superior model to anything you are proposing here. That is, you prioritise treatment the massive, bleeding, life threatening wound before you worry about a hangnail.

Yes, if the question is “How do we best protect bird populations from the negative consequences of human activity?”

If you want to ask that question by all means start a thread about it. Beware though that somebody may come along and explain how it is too narrow as we must consider the impacts of human activity on the entire living environment. How far does this expansion go on?

There is no right answer to scope disagreement issues. Here you can be accused of pedantry if you drill down too deep and keep it very narrow and be accused of lack of focus or whataboutism if you diverge too far away.

It is very hard to say we are only dealing with problems getting Jeeps repaired when so many other brands have the same difficulty. The issue may not be resolvable at all, it may be better resolved by tackling Jeep or it may be better resolved by new laws about car repairs that apply to all makes. How do you reach the best answer if some may defined out of scope or if the conversation wanders so much you cannot extract anything of practical value?

I agree. Ban it for two reasons - it traps birds and any other small critter. And its plastic and cannot be recycled, just dumped in landfill. Create an alternative product that breaks down.


Welcome to the community @Merry
Every voice adds value.

Halloween for this year is but a memory. Perhaps just to be sure for next year I might retrieve some of the skins shed by the pythons in our roof space. An appropriate welcome on the front gate. What nature offers up it knows how to recycle.


Nah, just ban the stuff now.

The nets are synthetic which increases emissions.
May as well go out with more waste.

Halloween “spider webs” that infiltrate our environment are of great concern to me. The fine wooly stuff that people stick into their hedges is washed into drains and into our waterways as micro plastics because it is nigh-on impossible to pick every skerrick out after the dead day is done and dusted.

In fact, in this day and age when single-use plastics are being phased out and banned outright, how is it that the party shops and cheap shops can still sell this plastic garbage that will end up in almost immediately in landfill or in our waterways? All those toxic chemicals leaching forever…… It seems to me to be the exact opposite direction we are supposed to be heading. Why don’t people think before they buy? Perhaps the legislators have to think for them.

And now we have all the Christmas rubbish about to hit this poor beleaguered planet.