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Australian food products versus Imported where quality is equal Poll

I buy what I think the best product is balanced against how much I think the diversity in quality varies in that product type matched against price diversity - ie if I can’t tell the quality difference between a 10$ item and a 5$ item, I buy the 5$ item … if the Australian product wants to compete, it needs to be good and priced sensibly …

Two examples (food groups) that spring to mind - wine and malt whiskey. The answers aren’t necessarily what might be expected by the uninitiated :rofl:


First I must apologise to vax2000 for not being in topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly exploitation of farm labourers has been the case for centuries in Southern Italy, where tomatoes grow best.

Most migrants to America and Australia were labourers from those parts, going out to find better working conditions.

Now many ‘Illigal migrants’ pass through Italy, the gate to Europe, hoping to find a better life for themselves.

I just hope more will be done by the authorities to stop the abuse of workers.


I try to buy Australian products which are equal to imports, not only to keep wealth and jobs here, but hopefully, to reduce my carbon footprint.