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Artifical Intelligence Developments


A couple of interesting articles regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence and its possible effects on different persons.


Many of the problems with artificial intelligence relate to natural stupidity. :expressionless:


Another very concerning article regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence.


Old news! :robot:

I prefer a future where AI helps us to solve difficult problems without the risks of ceding control or AI being used for conquest and evil.

The most imminent and probably bigger genuine threat may be that AI will make work as we know it redundant, displacing many. This is more a social and economic issue. It may challenge all forms of capitalism, but favour socialism. On social consequences or economic outcomes the learned professor does not have much to say that is relatable or useful.:face_with_monocle:

The notion AI will take over in various ways has been around for generations of sci-fi. The most chilling is that AI with or without robotic assistance would decide that the biggest threat to the survival of the human race is the human race.:space_invader:

The only uncertainty is who the algorithm might choose to cryogenically save for the future when the health of the planet has been restored.

That assumes that the AI does not also decide machines consuming valuable resources also threatens the future of the ecosystem and hence all Machines and AI are then also shut down, forever?

The news is just another pointless grab that sensationalises something without any of the finesse of a good Dr Who episode! Which for some might still be a pretty low bar?:smiley:


One of the main concerns of AI is the amount of data it needs in order to learn to do something. This isn’t a problem in the case of say a video game AI. Just get it to play a heap of matches against humans of different skill levels.

Where it is a problem is something like Microsoft’s doomed chat bot. The data it learned from was skewed by people being racist and sexist to it, causing it to behave in the same way. Now apply that to something like say an AI that helps you write email replies. It has to have data perfectly spread across different types of emails and not have anything offensive or harassing in the data pool.


Intriguing developments:

envisage a day, perhaps in the not too distant future, when AlphaZero has evolved into a more general problem-solving algorithm; call it AlphaInfinity. Like its ancestor, it would have supreme insight: it could come up with beautiful proofs, as elegant as the chess games that AlphaZero played against Stockfish. And each proof would reveal why a theorem was true; AlphaInfinity wouldn’t merely bludgeon you into accepting it with some ugly, difficult argument.

For human mathematicians and scientists, this day would mark the dawn of a new era of insight. But it may not last. As machines become ever faster, and humans stay put with their neurons running at sluggish millisecond time scales, another day will follow when we can no longer keep up. The dawn of human insight may quickly turn to dusk.

Suppose that deeper patterns exist to be discovered — in the ways genes are regulated or cancer progresses; in the orchestration of the immune system; in the dance of subatomic particles. And suppose that these patterns can be predicted, but only by an intelligence far superior to ours. If AlphaInfinity could identify and understand them, it would seem to us like an oracle.

We would sit at its feet and listen intently. We would not understand why the oracle was always right, but we could check its calculations and predictions against experiments and observations, and confirm its revelations. Science, that signal human endeavor, would reduce our role to that of spectators, gaping in wonder and confusion.

Maybe eventually our lack of insight would no longer bother us. After all, AlphaInfinity could cure all our diseases, solve all our scientific problems and make all our other intellectual trains run on time. We did pretty well without much insight for the first 300,000 years or so of our existence as Homo sapiens. And we’ll have no shortage of memory: we will recall with pride the golden era of human insight, this glorious interlude, a few thousand years long, between our uncomprehending past and our incomprehensible future.


Intriguing prospects!

In one futuristic vision of perfect beings, the rise of the Cyber Men (Dr Who) comes to mind.

in the interim is there a prospect of super chess challenges being dominated by machine on machine contest. Who’s AI will reign supreme?


Getting to the seat of the issue:

On the other hand:

Talking to your dunny is one thing. If they start talking back, it will be enough to scare the — well, you get the idea.