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Are supermarkets designed in the best way?


Hahhhaaa. Parents needing beer and nappies. … interesting. Maybe Dads sent out to buy nappies so he gets his beer at the same time😂


That’s why I don’t use reward cards. I agree with you. I am sick of my shopping data being used for marketing purposes even if we get reward points.


They are for the Supermarkets,to get the most money possible from the consumer.It’s clever idea.


Im with you, I think. I also find that (at least where I am) that the fruit and veg are fresher and last longer than the Coles stuff. The only reason I still go to Coles is for pouring cream (dairy Farmers, tho I would get Norco if I could). The Aldi pouring cream just doesnt taste right. Oh yeah and for cat food in pouches. Toby seems to prefer Whiskas.


I’d like to see less movement of stock so an item can always be found in the same place. Of course it would be nice to see staples at the front of the store but I’m sure this will never happen. And don’t put displays in the middle of aisles so that you have to manoeuvre around them with trolleys and baskets.


I wonder if it is a ‘cause and effect’ relationship. If so, did drinking the beer lead eventually to having the baby; or having the baby lead to needing beer? Either way, they would be in a hurry to get home. :rofl:

As others have said, I find the layouts frustrating. Obviously, how I classify and group foods differs markedly from those who created the design. It also irks when varieties of the same food type is found in multiple seperate locations around the supermarket.

The index cards are also a source of frustration (if they are present) when they only list a fraction of the categories carried, so are useless unless looking for the major lines.

Most of the supermarkets around here have the dairy cabinets and freezers at the back, or far away from the registers, so shoppers have to walk past everything to buy these.

Contrawise, I have noticed a trend to having snatch and run singles packaged food at a premium price near the entry for quick get-aways. I suppose that they can not be enticed to buy other food, so sell them that and increase profits?

Perhaps it is time that the marketers started asking shoppers what they would prefer in layouts, instead of looking at the numbers for layouts stakeholders have no say in?


A new service from Colesworthaldi: the secular confessional.


:joy: thank you. I confess, it was my mistake. I will correct the typo.