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An invitation from CHOICE to escape the great electricity ‘confusopoly’


So sad to have missed out on the first trial but I am hoping it all goes well and we can be put on one in the future!

Fabulous idea, I would love this as am so confused by all of the ins and outs I do not know where to turn next in order to get the best deal.

Living in SA we pay the highest prices, and despite installing solar panels several years ago our household electricity bill is enormous.

Choice has such a trustworthy name and is known to protect and take care of Consumers, I am certain that this idea will skyrocket!

Please consider SA residents requests urgently, as so many of us are battling to keep our electricity costs down.

Thank you and cheers
Natalie King :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie,

Expressions of interest are open on our website at:

We periodically invite people to sign up from the expressions of interest list as we process people who are signed up for the service.




An interesting comment from you considering Powershop was listed the top green electricity provider in this article from Choice (November, 2015).

I swapped to Diamond Energy as a result of this article (Powershop was not available in SA), and have been happy with the change. The fact that they are anti CSG is very important to me. In fact, as one of the PowerUp trial participants, I have just been offered a switch to Origin that would give me savings of $225 pa - which I am refusing because of Origin’s dirty power.
Is it time for another update on this article?


This is a more recent article on Greenpower:

As you can see, there are many issues to consider and many of the big companies are now divesting their coal mining interests. All the companies are retailers only and the reality is that they all source energy from the same pool - whether is generated by renewables or not.


Why leave out the NT? oh, yeah … :wink:


A report on Click …


The AEMC has a new rule to deal with this imaginary discounting.


That is a big step in our world where obfuscation has been the norm, and Victoria? It will be interesting to see how we go here.

I am puzzled by the comments about pay on time discounts being confusing because of differing base rates - it is applied to the billed amount. Of all the discounts that have been contrived I have always thought that was the only one that was devoid of skullduggery, although the ‘billed amount’ itself might be quite devious in make up.

And then not a world about some companies discounting off use and supply, and some just use…

My cynical self thinks the pollies world has woken up to the reality the games are becoming well known and might affect some votes, so they have to be seen has having done something but want to do as little as possible over as long as possible.


My father in law just had in April a 28% discount on usage charges (not daily charges though) account set up by my brother in law with another company. Previously he had been on a 2% pay on time reduction from AGL. So I checked this 28% discount out.

AGL Peak usage charge $0.26/kwh, Controlled supply $0.22/kwh Daily service charge Peak $1.00/day Controlled $0.03/day This lead to a total bill of about $243 per quarter (out by a few cents) all before the 2% discount and after his pensioner discount.

The other company (in same order) $0.324, $0.28, $1.309, $0.03 which based on the figure from AGL usage and after 28% discount on usage charges and pensioner discount was $258 for the same quarter.

AGL in the meantime has responded with a 30% discount on usage charges which means his old $0.26 peak drops to about $0.189 and a correspondingly cheaper controlled supply charge. Using the same figures as before will put his bill at $179.

So not every discount can really save you money and may make you worse off. My father in law is now happily back with AGL and enjoying a much better deal.